Evolution means constant progress and creative solutions to changes in the environment. For our mobile generation, these changes are both a challenge and an opportunity. In the choice of our name, we commit ourselves to high claims. As a concrete consequence, our team is intensely occupied with the potentials of in-house developments and optimizations, especially in the field of electric drives. But our team not only gathers theoretic results. Over and over again we train interdisciplinary teamwork and management by actively exchanging ideas between students in the fields of business studies, design, material sciences, and informatics.


Joint forces

An important aspect of our team is seen on a second glance. For us, building synergies is of great importance, and what could be better for that then a cooperation between three universities. Together, Saarland University, the University of Applied Sciences in Saarbrücken – HTW Saar – and the ASW - Berufsakademie Saarland combine their strengths and work hand in hand. In the end, we are one team and its car.